This Ain’t Your Father’s Normal GOP: Veterans are NOT War Heros

In this quick, few-second clip – part of a longer, l337 segment on last night’s Rachel Maddow Show – Rachel Maddow paraphrases Donald J. Trump for his July 18, 2015 comments where he described Senator John McCain as “a war hero ’cause he was captured – I like people who weren’t captured.” Dude spent 5 years in the trenches in enemy hands and this ain’t your father’s normal GOP no more:

You can watch the full segment below. The above clip is at the 2:30+ mark; but the further thesis of this segment is Trump’s relationship with a supposed veterans non-profit group called Vets For A Strong America that is apparently a one-man-band, Joel Arends – the irony of Trump’s comments and later-support of Arends’s corporation being that Arends has worked for both McCain’s and Bush/Cheney’s campaigns (dude will take your money however he can get it!).


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