and so begins the Twilight Zone

the debate – about guns – continues in this opening monologue from the recent reboot of The Twilight Zone:

About this episode the Wikipedia entry reads:

No. Title Directed by Written by Original release date
1 “The Comedian” Owen Harris Alex Rubens April 1, 2019

Struggling comedian Samir Wassan meets legendary comic J.C. Wheeler, who advises him to include personal material in his routines. After doing a successful routine centered around his dog, Samir returns home and discovers that not only did his dog vanish, but no one seems to remember that it ever existed. He then learns that jokes about the people in his life get laughs but cause them to disappear from existence. After accidentally erasing his nephew, Devin, Samir starts erasing people he thinks the world would be better off without. His girlfriend, Rena, leaves him after one of the people he erases causes her to go from a successful lawyer to a struggling waitress. Samir continues abusing his power, going so far as erasing rival comic Didi Scott, until Rena confronts him during a set with a journal containing names of those he has erased. Realizing he has become a selfish monster, Samir erases himself from existence, creating a universe where he never existed and everyone previously erased continues to exist. Didi, now a rising star, meets Wheeler following a set and asks for his advice.

Cast : Kumail NanjianiAmara Karan, Diarra Kilpatrick, Ryan RobbinsTracy Morgan