‘The New Normal’ is a blog for the Brain Cancer Community

The New Normal‘ is a brave blog about the story of Alex and Amy – their ‘about’ bio is below which defines their ‘what is normal?’ inquiry better than I could, and tells it in their own words. They haven’t updated their blog since mid-2015 so I hope everything is OK with the newborn and their family (and of course, cancer treatment). Stay courageous you two!


Hi, we’re Alex and Amy Moore (very generic American names, we know), and this blog was started to chronicle our journey with Brain Cancer. On July 25, 2011 Alex suffered a Gran Mal seizure, and quickly learned that he had a tumor the size of a golf ball on his right frontal lobe. He had surgery and was diagnosed with Stage 3 Anaplastic Astrocytoma (not good). Then, after what can only be called a divine turn of events, we discovered that there was still approximately 50 % of the tumor left (after being told that they got it all) and Alex was asked to once again go under the knife (this time with a different and better team of doctors). With the second surgery only a month later, Alex was able to get the remaining tumor completely extracted which was diagnosed as stage 2 Mixed Glioma making the official diagnosis Mixed Oligoastrocytoma, which was a much better diagnosis than before. Either way, Brain Cancer is still a chronic and most likely terminal illness for Alex until progress is made with treatments etc. We originally started this blog thinking that only our friends and family would read it, but it has reached a far greater audience than we ever thought possible as Alex has quickly become a leading voice within the Brain Cancer Community to help advocate and inspire a way to getting us to that all important cure (or better treatments to keep it at bay). We are truly humbled by the way that our journey has inspired and encouraged so many, especially those of you that have had to adjust to a “new normal” like us.

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