The Imitation Normal Game

The Imitation Game is an excellent movie; I don’t care about historical accuracy, it’s simply a good movie. Not least of all because it contains two scenes that play on what is normal? that when watched together cleverly play off each other.

In this first clip, right at the one hour mark of the film – by which time you’ve concluded Alan Turing is a weirdo with social anxieties – his accomplice of sorts Joan Clarke comes to his domicile and walks in to an apartment filled with papers spread out on the floor (not normal!), and then proceeds to tell him she’s leaving town with an interesting slight at normal people:

Almost referencing the earlier clip is this clip near the end of the film; by this point in time Alan Turing’s ‘Christopher’ machine has won the war, but he’s been outed as a “poofer,” a homosexual, a crime in 1950s England for which Turing can either go to prison or undergo chemical castration – he chose the latter. Here he almost derides Clarke for the life she’s living, compared to his state-enforced treatment for being gay. He makes a reference to her ‘normal life,’ but she whips back with all her wit – and it’s good!


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