Roundup of Latin American ‘Normal School’ Seals & Buildings

Similar but different from their Chinese counterpart, Normal School is a place for training teachers using seminars; founded in the late 17th c. in France, the schools quickly spread to Germany, and then eventually around the world through colonial expansion and other countries adopting western-influenced frameworks. Normal School is now hugely popular throughout Latin America by the looks of any map of schools; in countries like Mexico their regulation is even written into their Constitution (from what I can tell the equivalent of ‘public schools’ in the United States).

And they have great seals! These range from super-simple and looking like they were designed and laid out using Word 2000, to being highly stylized and referencing global icons. They’re great!

And of course I love seeing ‘Normal’ adorning all their schools – from vinyl signage to carved in stone! Here’s a collection of some of their actual school structures – exactly what you might expect from a Normal School!


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