Mutant X-Men and the internal conflict of wanting to be Normal

In X-Men: First Class (2011) there are not one or two or eleven but three instances of the word normal in the screenplay. The following scenes are shown in sequence, with the 1st and 3rd clips being the most mutant-evocative, with the 2nd one being the most prejudiced (mutants after all are not “normal”).

The first segment shows Mystique – in her … preferred shapeshifter appearance – and Hank McCoy (pre-Beast mode) in the seductive chamber of a wind tunnel of some sort (now I know where to take mutants when I want to kiss them!). Hank, recently exposed for not just being “super smart” but also something of a monkey-man too, was declared “amazing” by Raven when she saw his abilities. But Hank wants to make a cure for his ailments, and others. He always has. Ever since…

(this clip actually made an appearance in the trailer for Mystique too!)

In the second scene Sebastian Shaw leads an assault on a compound where the young First Class mutants are holed up in training. After Riptide (the guy in the grey suit) and Azazel (the demonic looking red dude) completely decimate the guards protecting the young mutants, Shaw makes his way towards the holding room. He encounters a guard who pleads for his life, proclaiming himself and the other 6.7 billion inhabitants of earth who don’t have superpowers of being…

In the third and final scene – going back to the attraction between Mystique and future-Beast – Hank McCoy has recently overcome the fear of “what he could be capable of”: running really fast. He lapped Charles Xavier around the Englefield House errr X-Mansion, and after being ridiculed by Alex Summers (Havok) heads back to his lab. He passes a window and pauses to wave hi to Raven, who in turn wanting to impress Hank proceeds to press weights. It’s during this moment that her future sugardaddy walks in and throws a pair of fortune cookie curveballs at her:


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