and now for The Museum of the Normal

This event is already sold out so there was no need to elevate its promotion, but – but! – if I were in London on Thursday (during America’s Giving of Thanks…NOT! holiday) I would absolutely be attending this The Museum of the Normal event hosted at the Queen Mary Centre for the History of the Emotions (that’s a mouthful):


The event includes some classic passages like these:

From angst-ridden teenage letters to agony aunts to concerned posts in online parenting forums, it’s clear that as a society we are haunted by a fear of being labelled abnormal. But who gets to define what’s normal? It is really something to aspire to? And is worrying about ‘being normal’… normal? Or does it have a history all of its own?

At this drop-in late event at Barts Pathology Museum, led by the Queen Mary Centre for the History of the Emotions, visitors will enter the ‘land of the abnormal’: a pop-up world of games, activities, talks and performances addressing different aspects of the history of normalcy and the normative. Expect lost emotions, historical psychometric tests, themed refreshments, arts activities, history of medicine talks and tours of the pathology specimens.


And of course there’s this awe-some-sauce logo they have:



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